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Organizing and delivering events in the world of sports and recreation is a complex task. In 1984, ArbiterSports pioneered the use of computer technology to help manage officiating programs. Today, sports leagues and associations make nearly 10 million assignments to more than 400,000 officials every year using ArbiterSports technology.

Expanding on its leadership in end-to-end referee management solutions, ArbiterSports has developed a complete suite of tools and technology that help Assigners, Coordinators, Athletic Directors and Officials easily manage all aspects of their responsibilities. The solution can be purchased as a total package or implemented one module at a time, and ArbiterSports provides you with the training, support and customization you need to implement your system successfully.

Our complete product suite includes ArbiterOne, RefPay, ArbiterWorks, Arbiter360, ArbiterConnected and ArbiterGame. Combined, these products deliver unprecedented control and visibility over the entire process of organizing athletic events. Built on a powerful web-based system allowing secure access from anywhere, the ArbiterSports platform provides seamless integration and easy-to-add features for clients ranging from 8 to 114,000 users.

Headquartered near Salt Lake City, Utah, ArbiterSports is part of the NCAA Spectrum.

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