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  • 9/19/2016

    Since the end of June, I have had the privilege to attend clinics, meetings, media sessions and other events--which really indicate college baseball, 2017. What is clear to me from these experiences is that college baseball is in very good shape…

    Wherever the development opportunity is presenting  itself: Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Indiana,  Louisiana, California, Michigan, Missouri, Virginia-just to name a few states … Let me take this opportunity to say thank you and offer encouragement to your commitment to making yourself a better official.

    I truly commend all involved in what is truly a labor of love-spending much time, passion  and effort to craft a get better agenda:  clinicians, instructors and attendees, alike.

    Much is underway  for college baseball,  2017:  Clinics, Camps, Rule Books, Preseason Guides, CCA Manuals, Videos, Umpire Clinics, NCAA Registration and more…

    We'll all  getting after it--keep working hard--there is a challenging avocation ahead in 2017--I challenge you to see this as another opportunity to simply, excel.

    In baseball,

    George M. Drouches
    NCAA National Coordinator of Umpires

  • 9/6/2016

    Dates and Sites

    January 7 - Hyatt Regency Orange County
    January 14 - Westin O'Hare
    January 21 - Atlanta Airport Marriott Gateway
    January 28 - Hilton Baltimore

    Register for a Clinic

  • 5/12/2016

    What we have been waiting for…

    …It is hard-to-believe that we are nearly through the regular season; I want to express my appreciation for the Coordinators and umpires' efforts to date: all-in-all, long-view, here, thousands and thousands of games played-not to mention weather, travel, the art of balance… bottom line: very few issues, & pretty darn good work. Thank you.  In my April Notes, I briefly mentioned the phrase, body of work, … frankly, it's that time: what do my Coordinators think of my body of work?... what do coaches, regional advisors, observers, evaluators think as well?

    As I continue…congratulations to all the umpires who will have the wonderful opportunity to umpire in a Conference Tournament--understand the importance; the confidence your Coordinator has in you--as he well knows--the friendliness of coaches and teams change at this time: much at stake with this word, postseason-for all of us. Just stay the course with our get better agenda-your season-long efforts  for your Coordinator will show and prove itself, again--finally, please remember-- may will never get to where you are; you have the opportunity to mentor, attraction v. promotion.

    The month of May just  loads-up  &  reloads  with  exciting college baseball, a focused yet pensive time for everyone  involved with college baseball-- this  will all show itself and the wait will be over soon: Appleton, Cary, Omaha…

    ...300 plus games attended, 265 different umpire evaluations, 800 plus evaluations posted (18 criteria form) many, many  more additional partial evaluations (from 150 TV games viewed)--if you are fortunate to be selected, you represent the brotherhood with your appearance, actions, demeanor and performance. These games receive much more attention, savor the atmosphere, the selfless opportunity, once again, to mentor…

    Stay the course: review our Central Hub--with its videos, articles, Bulletins, You Make the Call # 4, Quiz # 2,  Rules Interpretations.

    I sincerely hope everyone had a blessed and reflective Mother's Day, and thank you for your thoughts and prayers for Dan Pedersen and  family.

    My humble privilege to be of service to you,

    George M. Drouches
    NCAA National Coordinator of Umpires

  • 4/13/2016

    2016 NCAA Baseball Quiz 1 is now available.  The quiz consists of ten questions and expires at 11:59 pm ET on April 26, 2016.  You have two attempts to take the quiz and will be able to review it after it closes by returning to the TESTING dashboard and selecting Review Your Test.

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